Introducing a unique crop management program to
sustainably maximize crop returns. ProRise is a combination of proprietary
products and services that enhance soil health, crop health and productivity.

Better plant growth, increased no of tillers and amazing yield growth by 33%

B Venkata Reddy Suryapet

Increased no. of Bolls and Superior Quality Yield increase by 51%

K Suryakanta Reddy Samgal

Reduced Pest and Disease Incidence and increased yield growth by 40%

T Tirumala Reddy Tanagala

Superior Yields with Superior Quality with less management costs

P Hareendra Reddy Eadagali

Crop Specific Programs

Crop Specific ProRise Program’s are scientifically designed to offer consistent performance across the cropping cycle in order maximise crop returns.

Customized Programs

ProRise Programs are also customised based on unique requirements of food processors and large farmers from low residue requirements to crop cost, quantity and quality goals.